Our company

Life Asks digital Pop-Up and Platform are created by What’s Life?® Media Inc. - an offbeat storytelling media and marketing house. We create smart, meaningful, shareable content targeted to the savvy Millennial market. We capture compelling stories of Awesome Life Experiences on digital and in real spaces.  

We believe story-telling shapes the world and our ability to share, learn, and design our lives differently - all the while experiencing life to the full.  That’s why we match sponsors with the influential Millennials to create and showcase sharable stories across multiple social media platforms.

Purposeful Venture

Our purposeful venture is to ask more than 1,000,000 people around the world one simple question:

What’s life for you as you live it and experience it?

We believe this initiative will help to surface the common threads of our human experiences, even within our differences.  Because every life experience matters.  

Join our Media Movement for the common good. Together, we make meaning.

Expertise and skills

Creative Storytelling, Video Production, UX, Life Design, Content & Influencer Marketing, online and real space Audience Engagement.

We create emotional engagement with our audiences through:

  • Life Asks online platform
  • Digital Pop-Ups
  • Art Installations
  • Community Café Conversations
  • Engaging web series
  • Rich content across multiple platforms
  • Humanizing technology for personal and social good.

Welcome to the Life Pad

As a new digital media start-up we live, work, and play in Kitchener/Waterloo, often referred to as Canada’s Silicon Valley North.  What’s Life?® Media Inc. is incubated at the Accelerator Centre, Waterloo, Ontario and supported by Communitech, Kitchener, Ontario.

At the Life Pad our team is in the business of living.  We work with life, play with life, listen to life, capture life, design new forms for life, have fun with life, and allow life in all of its amazing possibilities to happen…

Running. Flying. Laughing. Playing. Frowning. Adventuring. Sensing. Pulsing. Emoting. Wanting. Sharing. Juxtaposing. Journeying.  

Join our Media Movement.