We put meaning into Sponsorship

You know it already. People click out. They mute advertising sound. They discern when articles are promos.

Digital is turning Marketing on its head. Companies have difficulty engaging with, and being trusted by Millennials. To succeed brands need to be authentic, socially relevant, and act in ways that build their relationship collateral.

Let’s Start A Different Conversation. We call it UX Sponsorship. 

Cool is the new Contrast

Our team of social and content creators & producers expertly combine engaging content with our advertiser’s goals to align with compelling brand-relevant content. We match sponsors with users to generate stories of Awesome Life Experiences – that touch hearts, produce smiles, and engage audiences across multiple platforms.

We help brands create visibility and an emotional connection with Millennials through compelling digital and real life content.

Local-Global Partnership

Life Asks offers Sponsor Partners the opportunity for influencer marketing through a New Kind of UX Sponsorship.

Become a Sponsor Partner of a Digital Pop-Up in your community. We will work with you to craft an engaging Sponsor Statement that is prominently displayed along with your logo on the Pop-Up Installation.  

We build relationships through Experiences