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from What’s Life?

Engagement is the new marketing

What's Life? is a human-centric digital agency.  We craft authentic customer brand engagement in digital and physical spaces.

Experience leads to trust

We help you design experiences so your customers want to take the next action step, One product, One service at a time.

One is the New Focus

We help you hone your Customer Trust Relationships - One Touch Point at a time.



We do it by



Elegant yet entertaining brand engagement to enrich your online customer relationships and increase brand awareness.  We also design and curate digital Pop-UP Displays and Happenings in retail and other disruptive places to prompt customers to walk over and interact with your featured product or service. 


Compelling content woven with authentic engagement messaging that will inspire, inform and respond to your customers’ needs. Creative storytelling, videography, graphics & photography.


Authentic content for your featured product or service and integrating it into your existing social media and campaigns so your customers can delight in one seamless experience.


One simple, relevant Call to Action. We focus on the next interaction your customers will want to take so your product or service can create a spark in their lives.



Because engagement matters